Monday, 18 April 2016

Buy Residential Projects in Pune and Ensure Maximum ROI

It is an evident fact that real estate projects in Pune in the past few years have gripped the attention and interest of a host of investors from different parts of the country to invest in the venture with the view to earning maximum returns on their investment. Pune is located at an affordable distance from Mumbai, the capital of Maharashtra city, and is today the hub of several IT industries and various other types of commercial companies. Now with the increase in population in Pune because of fast developing industrialization, the city really offers a prodigious opportunity for investors to invest into Pune residential projects and commercial projects. 

It is high time for Pune city to experience remarkable development in the area of IT companies, education institutes and Multi National Companies. Additionally, the new residential projects in Pune, commenced by various builder and developers are also thriving plentifully as more and more people from not only Pune and other parts of India but NRI’s are also desperately looking for houses in the city. Considering the increasing demand in the housing projects in Pune, builders and developers vie in mutual for offering second to none facilities and services. At the same time, when it comes to commercial properties. Pune real estate builders and developers offer second-to-none amenities in the housing projects to win the confidence and trust of the potential property seekers and investors easily. 

Some of the most popular areas in Pune where Pune new residential projects are underway include Mundhwa, Magarpatta, Viman Nagar, Koregaon Park, Kalyani Nagar, Baner, Kharadi, NIMB, Wakad, and so on. 

In today’s time, people go through very hectic and fast-paced life and with this in mind, it is essential that when they return to their homes after working throughout a day, they can get the full convenience and comforts. Considering the fact, the real estate developers in Pune has turned over a new leaf in the way of their construction and they now follow state-of-the-art style by developing customized luxury apartment in Magarpatta, Mundhwa, Koregaon park and other areas of Pune. 

The new housing projects in Pune are becoming the thing of attraction for home-seekers in the city because of the nice weather all the year around and the scenery of mind-boggling landscapes and vegetation. Additionally, a wide spectrum of educational institutions is also sparking the interest of students from all over India who are looking for higher standard of education and hostels. Summing up the factors end to end contribute to the escalation of the price rates as well as demand in Pune property. 

Monday, 4 April 2016

Residential Projects in Pune: An Upward Trend

Because Pune is looked upon one of the most developed cities in India, without a doubt, it has become a hub of a variety of industries thus making the city overpopulated bit by bit with the passage of time. Apart from being a hub of Information Technology industry and high standard education center, the city has also become a playground for a host of real estate developers in Pune. 

The nuts and bolts of new residential projects in Pune can be resolved by reading and browsing through the forthcoming and continuing real estate properties. The highlight of these projects in the city is that they are tremendously branched out and sumptuous, which means they will be able to satiate the needs of property seekers without any consideration. Another salient factor about Pune residential projects is that they are available in a range of types to fit the needs, preferences and budget of every property seeker. Pune boasts of a variety of residential townships, which are generally referred to as small cities, whereas, from the perspective of a residential apartment, they city has been constantly in demand of reasonably priced houses with a configuration of 1 bhk or 2 bhk flats.

However, the intent and purport to meet the accommodation needs of evolving customers and residents in the city still go forward. New housing projects in Pune are building up ground-breaking ideas to build reasonable and offer value for money residential projects in Pune. This market in Pune is flourishing strongly with remarkable developments in the residential sector. Some of the popular residential areas for new commercial projects in Pune city include Mundhwa, Magarpatta, Kharadi, Hadapsar, Baner, Koregaon Park, NIBM and Wakad. Based on your preferences and budget, you can choose to buy a real estate property in Pune and ensure good ROI.

New launch projects inPune related to real estate are fast growing vigorously in the city. Apart from the residents of India, NRI's are also very interested in investing their money in such real estate projects. In general, a variety of sumptuous housing options such as bungalows, villas, luxury apartments and deluxe apartments are 

Thursday, 31 March 2016

Why investing in Pune Real Estate Projects is a Wise Decision?

Pune being the hub of Information Technology industries, education, manufacturing and automobile industries have been the magnet of people from every walk of life. With supreme back-to-back advancement being made in virtually every domain, Pune is strongly looked upon as one of India's leading IT hubs.

Under the fast growing phase of technology and advancements in wide-ranging sectors has also resulted in giving a remarkable step-up to the real estate projects in Pune.

Today, Pune is clogged for space due to being overpopulated. Wherever you go in the downtown Pune, you can easily witness an inflation in the price rates of real estates. The nearby areas of the city such as Keshav Nagar, Mundhwa, Kharadi, Magarpatta, Koregaon Park, Hadapsar have experienced tremendous growth over the past few years and are in huge demand among the property seekers there. Concerning existing price rates for the real estate properties around the IT park for land is around 1000Rs per sq feet. The price rates have sharply grown since it was only 700Rs, a few months ago. Pune is evolving fast from every direction and is becoming increasingly overpopulated as time passes.

When it comes to the price rates for flat for sales in Pune range, they are maybe not for the faint of the heart. In general, if you are looking to buy a flat in the downtown area or the centre of the city, be prepared to pay heavy price rates for the same. In fact, Price rates have risen to the sky over the last 2 years yet both Pune residential projects as well as commercial properties for sale in Pune are a rage among the property seekers. A major reason to the growing market of real estate in Pune is again because of the continuous advancement in technology and companies which keep to thriving in the city.

Pune ongoing residential projects are the center of attention for a lot of NRIs as well as leading investors of the city today. Also Pune's propinquity to Mumbai also gives expression to the fact that a multitude of wealthy property seekers from Mumbai take special interest in investing the money into real estate properties in Pune. Incidentally, comparatively to too exorbitant price rates of properties in other Indian cities such as Noida and Bangalore, prices in Pune are a bit affordable, with that said it is understandable that the city is just the ticket for investment in real estate.

Friday, 25 March 2016


In the 2016-17 budget, the government has provided tax relief to first time buyers of economy homes whose total cost is less than INR 50 lakhs and the home loan is less than INR 35 lakhs. This has been done to give a fillip to the real estate industry and reduce the financial burden of the lower and lower middle class who genuinely need to buy a home. The limitation clauses of the provision will prevent the well-off who invest in multiple homes and or big ticket size home to avail this benefit.

Earlier the cap on the tax deductible interest was INR 2 lakhs per annum and it continues to remain the same for home buys beyond the first one and also for homes costing more than INR 50 lakhs.
The budget provision of 2016-17 now allows an additional INR 50.000/- per annum on interests incurred on home loan towards deduction for calculation of taxable income provided the following three conditions are met – 1) the person should be buying a home for the first time; 2) the total cost of the home should not be over INR 50 lakhs and 3) the loan on this purchase must be limited to INR 35 lakhs. Under these conditions a sum of INR 2.5 lakhs per annum of home loan interest becomes eligible for deduction for calculation of taxable income. The incremental benefit can be best understood with an example.

Let us consider a home loan of INR 35 lakhs with tenure of 20 years without any moratorium. Let us assume the interest to be 10 percent, which is the average prevailing rate. The repayment commences immediately with 12 monthly payments every year for a period of 20 years. For this scenario the EMI will be INR 33,775. At the end of 20 years period the total repayment will add up to INR 81 lakhs and the interest component will be INR 46 lakhs. One can use a mortgage calculator to find these.

The mortgage calculator will reveal that the interest component is INR is 3.47 lakhs in the first year and finally reduces to INR 21,126/- in the last year. It may be noted that for the first 10 years the interest amount is more than the INR 2.5 lakhs per annum and from 11 to 13 years it is between INR 2.5 to 2.0 lakhs per annum. Thereafter it reduces and finally becomes INR 21,126/- in the last year. Thus a borrower stands to get incremental tax savings for 13 years due to the new budget provision.

Let us assume the borrower to be in the 30 % income tax bracket. The tax implications then work out to the following. As per the earlier provision of up to 2 lakhs of interest eligibility for deduction, the total tax savings over the period of 20 years was INR 10.21 lakhs. With new provision of 2.5 lakhs of interest deduction, the revised tax savings work out to INR 11.99 lakhs. Thus this budget gives an incremental benefit of INR 1.78 lakhs which is quite a tidy sum.

The calculation is indicative and provides order of magnitude of savings. Interest exemption is permissible only after taking possession of the house. Projects will require some construction time and interest paid during that period can only be availed in 5 equal installments in the next 5 years. Thus it may not be possible to utilize all the interests paid during the construction period for availing tax benefit. Further, if the home loan rate is higher the savings will be greater. Likewise the tax savings will be lower if the interest rate is lower. Hence it is always ideal to go for projects nearing completion to avail maximum tax benefit. Besides, this gives the buyer a chance to see what he is buying. Of course, this will entail bigger and more conceated payment of own margin money.

It is evident that the developers in Pune and the builders around Pune will suitably modify their projects to bring the entire cost within 50 lakhs to take advantage of the new budget provision. Builders in high cost areas of Pune will shift towards compact 2BHK homes, while the low cost areas will continue to feature regular 2BHK projects. Pune will witness a shift from 3BHK to 2BHK homes. Areas in the neighborhood of Pune which are low in cost are able to offer regular 2BHK and 3 BHK houses within 50 lakhs will see a greater spurt in demand.

Tuesday, 15 March 2016

Rapidly Developing Market of Residential Projects in Pune

Needless to say, Pune real estate projects are increasingly becoming the centerpieces of a host of India-based as well as NRI’s property seekers. After all, Pune is reckoned to be one of the leading metro cities in India where development in virtually every domain is taking place by leaps and bounds. Whichever sector you take in, the level of development is par excellence. Take for example, apart from being an established hub of IT, real estate projects in Pune are increasingly towering. Whether they are commercial shops for sale in Pune, flats for sale in Pune, or new housing projects in Pune, the city has been consistently witnessing a  gigantic surge in the development of real estate market.  With this in mind, it is easy to guess that real estate market in Pune will continue to step up increasingly as time passes.

Residential Projects in Pune:
According to a reliable report, more than a thousand new launch residential projects in Pune are turning up. The nuts and bolts of these new launch projects in Pune can be had by researching online on some reputable websites. The highlight of the underway Pune residential projects is that they are all the way through sumptuous and are designed according to up-to-the-minute trends. That means, your satisfaction on buying a real estate property in Pune is going to be fulfilled at every cost. The residential projects in Pune are of wide range of types. Pune boasts of prodigious residential townships typically termed as small cities, albeit with the perspective of a residential apartment, Pune has been consistently in demand for low-cost houses with a configuration of 1 bhk or 2 bhk flats.
As Pune continues to be populated with more and more new residents, the accommodation needs of new and evolving customers in the city are being fulfilled in that accordance. Pune new real estate projects are although a bit costly yet are worthy of investment because of the hopeful lineaments the city boasts of.
Wherever you place your view on in Pune, you will find that gigantic development in the residential sector is taking place at a terrific rate. A few hottest destinations in the Pune city where the real estate property is at the helm of popularity and demand include Magarpatta,  Mundhwa, Hadapsar, Kharadi, Baner, Koregaon Park, So, if you plan to purchase residential projects in Pune sooner or later, the aforesaid localities will turn out well in giving you best Returns Over Investment (or ROI).
Rapidly Developing Market of Residential Projects 

Tuesday, 8 March 2016

The Fast Growing new Real Estate Projects in Pune

 Pune, being one of the most popular metropolitan cities of India, has been the dream destination of a host of native real estate investors from several parts of India as well as the NRIs for a long time. As a matter of fact, real estates builders Pune encourages the investors to invest in the real estate properties as a result of a wide range of exceptional features the city has to offer. These include constant Return on Investment over the past and next few years, enhanced job opportunities, revised physical and social framework, low-priced residential living accommodations, ultimate knowledge hub etc. With that being said, it is a bitter fact that the city center is now out and out clogged for space. That is why all upcoming residential projects in Pune have started to take place on the outskirts of the city. A multitude of construction projects is fast taking place in the suburban areas of the city to suffice the needs of the upmarket consumers.

 Practically because of having no additional space available in the downtown Pune, all new upscale potential homeowners are fast tending to settle down in Pune's suburbs to enjoy a serene lifestyle. Although Kharadi, Koregaon Park, Magarpatta, Keshav Nagar etc. are deemed the principal sites in the downtown Pune for real estate investment but due to the lack of space and exorbitant price rates, suburban sites such as Kothrud, Aundh, Baner, Kondhwa and Viman Nagar have become  a rage for
real estate development company in pune as well as investors.

The highlight of these
new residentialareas in Pune is that potential real estate owners not only get sumptuous apartments at lower costs but they are also a bit far from the hue and cry of the downtown city. Certain new property projects in Pune are targeted at the investors instead of the purchasers. In particular, the new launching projects rapidly turning up on the outskirts of the city are considered as a down-to-earth investment option for Non-Resident Indians (NRIs), upscale buyers and local investors.

 Pune's residential projects are believed to offer attractive Return on Investment (RoI). Moreover, real estate price rates on the fringes of the city are relatively more affordable than the suburban rentals in other leading Indian metro cities such as Mumbai, Chennai, Calcutta, Delhi and Bangalore. However, the high spot about Pune apartments is that they typically have very high rental rates, which is a boon for the investors. Whatever it is, Pune is increasingly becoming a prime preference for the most number of interested home-seekers, real estate investors and dealers.

Thursday, 3 March 2016


Pune, the erstwhile “Pensioners Paradise” has now become the hottest destination for the young, educated and aspiring professionals. Demand for commercials also multiply as more people opt for Pune as their city for professional growth and permanent residence.

Pune boasts of a good climate. Being in close proximity to Mumbai (just three hours drive), it is naturally the first destination to develop as its satellite. Consequently the government has developed it as an industrial and economic hub. MIDC has developed industrial hubs on either side of the city – Pimpri, Bhosari, Chakan and Talegaon in the western side and Ranjangaon in the eastern side. Likewise, IT hubs have been developed at Hinjawadi in the eastern flank and Magarpatta and Kharadi in the eastern flank. Thus Pune is fast emerging as one of the leading Metros in India for high quality professional opportunities. It is attracting young professional in droves. To cater to their needs the social infrastructure like good quality roads, schools, colleges, hospitals, clubs, malls and entertainment destinations have also grown in leaps and bounds. As Pune lie in the Western Ghats, there a lot of weekend holiday destinations in and around it offering opportunities to rejuvenate after a week of work. In monsoons, Pune and its vicinity is nothing but an undulating green carpet. Pune’s attractiveness has also gone up by several notches as it has been selected to be developed as a smart city. Thus Pune is a great city where one can pursue a challenging career and at the same time enjoy a leisurely lifestyle during non-working hours and weekends. In fact young people are opting for Pune as the city of career destination.

In recent times, many suburbs in Pune have become favored residential destinations. One of them is Keshav Nagar in the eastern flank of the city. It is just half a kilometer away from the Magarpatta IT SEZ and a couple of kilometers away from the EON IT SEZ at Kharadi. Keshav Nagar is already connected to Magarpatta and EON, but is now getting connected to EON and Pune Ahmednagar highway by a network of new broad roads bypassing the present roads. Besides, Keshav Nagar is very close to the city centers like Koregaon Park, MG Road, railway station, airport, malls, hospitals and schools. Within two years Keshav Nagar and Kharadi will seamlessly become one.

Keshav Nagar being the first cousin of Kharadi is missing all the attention which goes to Kharadi. As a result, while the prices in Kharadi are hovering between INR 5500 – 6500 per square feet, in Keshav Nagar it is between INR 5000 – 5500. A wise person who wishes to enjoy all the location advantage of Kharadi and save nearly 20 % in investment should look at residential projects in Keshav Nagar. There is no difference in the quality of homes in offer at both the locations. Why pay more just to be a kilometer closer to EON? Mind you Keshav Nagar is much closer to residential projects near Magarpatta City than Kharadi.      

Thus Keshav Nagar will give you an opportunity to own a quality residential property in Pune a cosmopolitan neighborhood and in close proximity to Pune’s two IT Hubs at a price 20 % lower than its immediate celebrated neighborhood. “Valora” is one of the good projects in this area offering both 2 and 3 BHK Residential property in Pune options.

Move early to cash on the price differentials. Why pay more when less is available?

Tuesday, 16 February 2016

Best Locations in Pune to Make Dream Home

Being an IT and educational hub, Pune allures developers and property buyers for commercial properties and residential properties as well. From residential flats to commercial lands, individual homes, office space and retail space in Pune, whole market is driven by these kinds of successful industries and educational institutions. The real estate market in Pune is growing owing to the fact that the town always keeps up its infrastructure with the developments moving on in the city. In addition to the economical worth of the city assets, governed by aforementioned facts, the pleasant climate, city administration and a cosmopolitan realization of the city also create it popular in the midst of the property buyers. Hence, builders and developers are attracting to construct lavish edifices in Pune.

With so many folks rushing to invest in the real estate Pune, there has been a frequent increase in the appeal for residential and commercial property in Pune and this has triggered a modification in rental and capital worth both. To get the ever enhancing housing requirement in the city, industry sources say that there is going to be a need for approximately 50,000 housing units per year. With "affordable housing" being the buzz word present days, developers are into redesigning their ongoing projects and new launch residential projects in Pune in compliance along the buzz. But, locality also does matter in deciding the rate of a property. If you are seeking the residential spaces and commercial shops for sale in Pune, you might be preferred these areas as they happen to be a little superior, with good infrastructure and come with a tag that says reasonable.

Lonikand is one of the fastest developing areas of Pune located in the Ahmednagar road. With the rapid growth, this area has become a highly growing commercial shops and residential locality of Pune. This place is inhabited by lots of pupils as several educational institutions like Cummins College of Engineering for Women and MIT are placed in this area. In addition to that, it also houses several multi storied edifices, restaurants, shopping complexes, food joints, etc.

Magarpatta is also a superb place of Pune. It is a commercial area, where various kinds of IT and other companies establish and operating their business successfully and hence real estate developers have created posh and luxurious housing societies and commercial complexes in these kinds of areas. So, any industry people can buy 2 bhk and 3 bhk flats near Magarpatta city.

Sunday, 7 February 2016

Pune is Astonishing Destination to Invest in Real Estate

The Pune city is well-known for its stunning sights; it was earlier given named as Punawadi. In addition, the city is also famous for the many great men and women. In current date the city has become the centre of educational institutions and IT organizations. As an outcome of this, the Pune city has become the heart of a huge range of cultural functionalities as classical music, sports, literature, theatre, and spirituality. These features and job options have attracted migrants and students from entire India and even from overseas.

Pune city has many famous educational institutions such as, IUCAA, FTII and the National Defense Academy, with the leading software firms, such as, IBM, Wipro, Infosys, etc., which not only cater better educational amenities, but also most excellent job opportunities. Search new construction projects in Pune property through the web and get the best commercial & residential real estate, apartments, flat’s deals of Pune property.

Pune real estate has extended from its Western end at Hingewadi, where the IT Park was placed. The areas rates, such as Wakad, Balewadi, Bhugaon, Lonikand and Aundh have increased in multiples; in the preceding years and till now looks to be much underrated in comparison to towns, such as, Bangalore and Chandigarh. At present, the Pune property rates around the IT Park for terra-firma are about 1000Rs per sq feet, which were around Rs. 700, some months ago. Pune real estate builders are also developing from its South East end. Keshav Nagar area’s rates are also quickly improving because of its evolution.

The rate of flats near Magarpatta city varies from Rs 1000-2600 in several regions. From the time when there was technological evolution became fast and firms initiated to invest in the Pune real estates, there nothing that can scatter the boom in the rates of Pune property. Pune property is becoming the final place for IT companies, students, and medium and small level businessmen, the Pune Real Estate industry have exposed an amazing strengthening in terms of real estate market investment.

The Keshav Nagar is the renowned place in Pune, where the superb locality and peaceful atmosphere attract to everyone. There are 1, 2 & 3 bhk residential projects in Keshav Nagar ready to purchase. If we talk about supply and demand, the booming demand for property in the Pune is more as compared to its supply. Therefore, it is understood that this city is one of the most expanding and flourishing property market in the western part of India. As a result of this several growing real estate investors, MNCs, and local players are alluring towards Pune Real Estate business.

Wednesday, 3 February 2016

Find the most flourishing real estate in Pune

Pune is not only considered as one of the most evolved city in the Maharashtra state, but at the similar time the city is also regarded same in India. Pune, the biggest town in India is coming after the dream city Mumbai in the list of Maharashtra states. It is the center of several IT companies, MNCs, learning institutions, several KPOs and BPOs. Due to top class professional educational centers Pune draws the attention of students not only from the India, but at the same time the city catches the attention of students from the entire world, for instance, Middle East and East Europe.

The Pune property because of the above described reasons become insufficient to accommodate enhancing the population, which results in a huge inflation rate. In view of this fact, Pune real estate developers initiated several upcoming residential projects in Pune to accommodate the rising population. According to the studies the commercial Pune real estate is offering amid the 20 to 25% returns on the real estate investments. This huge return on the Pune property is alluring the investors from all over India. Even, Pune real estate investors are fascinated for the residential property in order to obtain higher returns on their investment. There is an everlasting requirement for residential property like 1 and 2 bhk flat for sale in Pune along with the huge infrastructural progress.

In order to get this eternal requirement of property in Pune real estate companies have come up with the new residential projects. The investors who are seeking a chance to invest in property in the Pune, such as, flats, apartments, group housing, individual housing, group housing, villas, penthouses, vacation homes, and other such assets can avail the amenity under the one roof, such as shopping areas, art accommodation space, and the corporate edifices.

Pune is flourished with huge and successful business industries. Various multinational companies established in the different areas of Pune such as Hinjewadi, Hadapsar, Magarpatta, Kharadi and many others. Hence, the builders and developers bring the superb opportunity for the home buyers in these industrial areas in Pune. They have developed marvelous and luxurious flats near Magarpatta city, Pune.

If we discuss about supply and demand, the increasing demand for the real estate in Pune is more as compared to its services. Hence, it is understood that the city Pune is one of the most expanding property market in the western segment of India. As a result of this several leading real estate investors, MNCs, and local players are being tempted towards the Pune Real Estate business.

Wednesday, 27 January 2016

Tremendous Potential in Real Estate Pune

Today, Pune is known as an energetic city, making of cosmopolitan folks. Pune has become one of the preferred places in India due to various international firms that have appeared in strategic places. Nonetheless, despite the worldwide plunge in the property industry and its costs, the imploration for residential as well as commercial shops for sale in the Pune has been consistently growing. The requirement for property in Pune does not only result from the IT zone. The manufacturing industry present in Pune comprises several global names that steers the residential requirement on a greater scale. Longing to get a property in the Pune has ever been in the interest of folks. Be it real estate investors or end users, property seekers have great desires as far as real estate in the Pune city is concerned.

Real estate development firms have started new construction projects in Pune city is growing to a deep level. It is also serving boundless chances to property buyers and investors to obtain the valuable benefits upon the investment. Inflation is an extreme amount in circulation. When there is an excess of money, the property value tends to go down. This, in turn, causes the legal documents, labor, construction materials, and rates of land to rise up.

In a bigger demand for homes, the property price increases. This demand for purchasing a property drives the real estate investors to sell the property at a profitable rate, causing the property prices in a given location to increase even further.

The investors give some interest in new projects in Pune, and then investors buy a property only when they are sure of gaining significantly in capital appreciation. However, this phenomenon works great for either owning or buying a property in Pune and not for rental purposes. An appreciation is remarkable only if the property allows a growth in the personal net worth. In that case, Pune flats for sale do not return much profit.

Whether you are searching the Pune flats for sale, a rental or purchase, it is suitable to run a thorough analysis in the overall property and its technicalities before practically putting your money. People, who have shifted from another town or country, usually move for flats that are for lease or rent. That way it is reasonable to them. Real Estate Developers offer 1 bhk and 2 bhk flat for sale in Pune at moderate prices. Options for low cost properties are available too, for individuals who do not prefer luxury homes for a living.

Friday, 15 January 2016

A Huge Growth in Pune Real Estate

Pune, in its real sense can be known as a hub for the real estate development. The initial property plunge was propelled due to various industries such as automobile, IT and manufacturing units. These industries were liable for a quick growth in the real estate in Pune. The locations such as Hinjewadi and other IT hubs blazed the property sector and the fire of development caught on and is catching up like never to clog.

The IT crowd in Pune is not only requiring the better lifestyle, but also stylish living. There is a growing interest for lavish apartments in the Pune. The requirement for trendy living is catching up and that is pressurizing the community of real estate developers to construct from pristine standards and create new standards to meet the requirement. The floating crowd is largely liable for the change in the mood of the city. The growing inflow of the country's populace into Pune has converted the ambiance for the real estate segment.

There is a powerful inflow of amount into the Pune's real estate sector. This sector is booming not only for the residential properties, but also for the commercial properties. People can get commercial offices, commercial shops for sale in the Pune, these properties available in very reasonable rates, which can give you full comfort to buy and establish your business in the Pune city. The builders make a splendid office at your favored location in Pune.

Pune has many industrial areas like Kharadi, Aundh, Hinjewadi, Magarpatta and many others. The Kharadi is an industrial area where lots of entrepreneurs have established their businesses. Hence real estate firms bring new construction projects in Pune and create a beautiful residential locality in Kharadi. There are many flats near EON IT park Kharadi, which help to reduce the travel time of the workers, whose office in Kharadi. As real estate developers provide a comfortable and blissful life for the home buyer. Hence, the home buyer can think to buy home simply. Mostly, the crowd of Pune want to buy 2 bhk flat for sale in Pune, which will be convenient and reasonable for the middle class people.